My brother-in-law also plays guitar.
He takes it sometimes to his parents’ place.
On warm summer weekends, I hear him play.
He thrums a better rhythm than can I,
And isn’t tongue tied as he measures time.
I wonder how the songs I know would sound
If played on this guitar he’d gladly lend.
But then he makes his music left-handed,
And all these strings are upside-down to mine.
The chords I’d share on this I couldn’t shape.
So, each to each we’re left to listen
As side-by-side we play our separate lines.
     Yet in between, someplace that we can’t see,
     There’s time and space that rings in harmony.


Copy © 2020 Samuel A. Hamer

Samuel Hamer is a practicing attorney in Minnesota. He earned degrees in physics from Wheaton College and in law from Harvard Law School. His occasional poetry considers themes of faith, doubt, and family. Sam lives with his wife, Naomi, and three boys near Minneapolis.

Credit: Photo by Haley Powers on Unsplash