Margie’s new book, No Place, ready for pre-ordering

Summer has arrived with temperatures climbing into the high 90s. The peonies love this and have loaded themselves with so many blossoms they bend over and nearly touch the sidewalk. The pansies, who prefer cooler weather no longer show their happy faces. I’m with them. My brain slows and my body suggests we move to Iceland. Perhaps that is why I forgot to mention No Place, the book being released by Square Halo sometime in June. It is available for preorder at 20% off.

These long summer evenings invite us to stop watching all those TV series we binged on during the pandemic and move to the deck with a good book. If you were to get a copy of No Place it would be an honor to have you accompany me on the spiritual journey I took as a young woman. I am definitely not a perfect person, but having poured a lot of my heart into this story I hope you find it real. And, perhaps even find a bit of yourself in it.

So, here is how to get yourself over to Hearts & Minds Books to order a copy.