Place Trilogy available

All three of my books in The Place Trilogy are now available and waiting for you at all the places where you normally order books. Yea! As always, we like to send you to Hearts and Minds Books because they are such great people and one of the best Christian bookstores in the country!

The Exact Place: A Search for Father (Book I)
No Place: A Spiritual Memoir (Book II)
This Place: A Few Notes From Home (Book III)

As a little teaser, I’ve recorded a short audio reading from This Place. The excerpt could be titled “The Girl Whose Mother Broke Her Foot.” [See photo below. Sember in her three-break cast.] But it’s not just about parenting failures, it’s more about the people that God places in our lives to teach us about spiritual growth. Sometimes they happen to be our own children.



Photo credit: the author.